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Nursing Basic Medical
Courses, Textbooks, Lectures, Videos, etc.

Nursing Practice, Protocols, Cases, Grand Rounds, etc.
Courses, Textbooks, Lectures, Videos, etc.

        pH: Acid Base Textbooks, Courses, Lectures, Lessons, etc.

        ACID-BASE BALANCE - A.W. Grogono (Retired), Department of Anesthesiology, School of Medicine, Tulane University Multimedia Acid-Base Lessons, Guides, Publications, Technical Reports, Diagrams, Calculators, etc. (Text & Images).
        Acid-Base Balance
          "...An interactive acid-base diagram is a major feature of this website. It allows numerical values to be visualized on an interactive diagram and simultaneously provides continuous text interpretation. The diagram operates in several modes allowing recognition of classical zones as well as self testing..."
        Examples of "Acid-Base" Subject Catetories include
          "...Acid-Base History;
          Acid-Base Physiology;
          Acid Production;
          Henderson Equation;
          Acid-Base Diagram;
          Clinical Considerations;
          Acid-Base Therapy: Respiratory Correction;
          Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis;
          Acid-Base Interpretation;
          Stewart's Strong Ion Difference; etc..."
        For more information see Alan W. Grogono's Home Page

        Chemistry Lab Courses & Laboratory Experiments with Text, Images & Animations

        CHEMLAB: CHEMISTRY 5 & 6 EXPERIMENTS - Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College Multimedia Chemistry Laboratory Course (Text, Images, Animations, Simulations & Applets).
          "...the laboratory portion of general chemistry is not designed to torture students. The laboratory is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied..."
        Each "Chemistry Experiment" includes
          "...Overview, Background, Questions, Problems, Safety, Procedure - Step by Step & Write-up..."
        For more information see the Department of Chemistry

        Chemical Laboratory Experiments with Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound

        DELIGHTS OF CHEMISTRY: CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS (QUICKTIME) - M. Hoyland, V. Volkovich & D. Ormsby, School of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Leeds, U.K. Multimedia Chemistry Video Laboratory Demonstrations & Experiments (Text, Images & Videos/Movies). VERY VERY EXTENSIVE.
        Chemistry Laboratory Demonstrations & Experiments include
          Examples from over "40" Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations WITH Explinations include
            "...Making Fire Video Demonstration;
            Flammable Vapour Video Demonstration;
            Flammable Solid Video Demonstration;
            Smoke Video Demonstration (decomposition reaction);
            Hydrogen Peroxide Video Demonstration;
            Dihydrogen Gas Video Demonstration;
            Thermite Reaction Video Demonstration; etc..."
          Examples from over "25" Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations WITHOUT Explinations include
            "...Gun Cotton Video Demonstration;
            Lime Light Video Demonstration;
            Liquid Nitrogen Video Demonstration;
            Liquid Nitrogen Blowing up Balloons Video Demonstration;
            Liquid Oxygen Video Demonstration;
            Flammable Solid Video Demonstration;
            Silane Gas Video Demonstration; etc..."
        For more information see the School of Chemistry

        CHEMISTRY LABORATORY DEMONSTRATIONS (QUICKTIME) - DVAction, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University Multimedia Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations & Experiments Lessons (Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations
          "...a database of digital video and images comprised of techniques and equipment used in the general chemistry laboratory..."
        For more information see the Department of Chemistry

          Subject Categories with examples of over "400" Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations include

            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Category
            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Category include
              "...Dispensers Video Demonstrations;
              Heating Apparatus Video Demonstrations;
              Measurements Video Demonstrations;
              Physical Separations Video Demonstrations;
              Reactions Video Demonstrations;
              Safety Video Demonstrations;
              Spectroscopy Video Demonstrations; etc..."

            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Equipment
            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Equipment include
              "...Analytical Balance Video Demonstrations;
              Beaker Video Demonstrations;
              Bunsen Burner Video Demonstrations;
              Cuvette Video Demonstrations;
              Electrodes Video Demonstrations;
              Flask Video Demonstrations;
              Measuring Pipet Video Demonstrations;
              Pasteur Pipet Video Demonstrations;
              Rubber Tubing Video Demonstrations;
              Spectrophotometer Video Demonstrations;
              Thermometer Video Demonstrations; etc..."

            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Chemicals
            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Chemicals includ:
              "...Aluminum Chloride Video Demonstrations;
              Barium Chloride Video Demonstrations;
              Calcium Chloride Video Demonstrations;
              Crystal Violet Video Demonstrations;
              Lithium Chloride Video Demonstrations;
              Sodium Bicarbonate Video Demonstrations; etc..."

            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Microscale
            Chemistry Laboratory Video Demonstrations by Microscale include
              "...Calibration of a Small Drop Microburet Video Demonstrations;
              Demonstration of Four Reaction Types Video Demonstrations;
              Making a Large Drop Microburet Video Demonstrations;
              Reaction of Sodium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid Video Demonstrations;
              Serial Acid-Base Titration Video Demonstrations;
              Single Well Acid-Base Titration Video Demonstrations;
              Universal Indicator Video Demonstrations; etc..."


      Microbiology Courses, Textbooks, Lectures, Lessons

        Bacteriology Courses, Textbooks, etc.

          Bacteriology Courses & Textbooks

          BACTERIOLOGY: TODAR'S ONLINE TEXTBOOK OF - K.G. Todar (Emeritus), Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin Multimedia Bacteriology Textbook (Text & Images).
          Examples from "Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology" Chapters & Subchapters include
            General Bacteriology
              "...Structure and Function of Procaryotes;
              Growth of Bacterial Populations;
              Control of Microbial Growth;
              The Diversity of Procaryotic Metabolism; etc..."
            Bacterial Relationships with Animals
              "...The Bacterial Flora of Humans;
              Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity;
              Bacteria of Medical Importance; etc..."
            Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis
              "...Colonization and Invasion by Bacterial Pathogens;
              Bacterial Protein Toxins;
              Bacterial Endotoxin; etc..."
            Bacterial Pathogens and Diseases of Humans
              "...Streptococcus and Streptococcal Disease;
              Streptococcus pneumoniae and Pneumococcal Pneumonia;
              Neisseria: Gonorrhea and Meningitis;
              Whooping Cough (Pertussis);
              Shigella and Shigellosis;
              Bacillus anthracis and Anthrax;
              Tuberculosis; etc..."
            Emerging Pathogens;
            Important Groups of Procaryotes; etc.
          For more information see Kenneth G. Todar's Home Page or the Department of Bacteriology



        Nose Anatomy Lectures, Lessons, etc.

        NASAL ANATOMY - Author: E.W. Chang, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center; & Hosted by eMedicine, Inc. Multimedia Online Clinical Knowledge Base/Practice Guidelines, CME Available (Text, Images & Simulations).
        Examples of "Nasal Anatomy" Subject Categories include
          Skin and Soft Tissues;
          Blood Supply and Lymphatics;
          Bony Anatomy;
          Cartilaginous Pyramid;
          Nasal Analysis; etc..."
        For more information see Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery or eMedicine

        Smell Atlases, Aroma Compounds with Text, Images & Simulations

        OLFACTION - J.C. Leffingwell, Leffingwell & Associates Multimedia Smell, Aroma Compounds, Olfaction Lessons (Text, Images, Simulations & 3D Modeling).
          "...The sense of smell is a primal sense for humans as well as animals. From an evolutionary standpoint it is one of the most ancient of senses. Smell (or Olfaction) allows vertebrates and other organisms with olfactory receptors to identify food, mates, predators, and provides both sensual pleasure (the odor of flowers and perfume) as well as warnings of danger..."
        Examples of "Olfaction" Lessons include
          "...General Physiology of Olfaction;
          Trigeminal Sense in the Olfactory Epithelium;
          The Odorant Binding Proteins;
          Odorant Receptors;
          G-Protein Coupled Receptors;
          Ion Protein Channels;
          Chemical Olfactory Stimulation: Theories on Olfaction;
          A Combinatorial Process for Odor Interpretation; etc..."
        For more information see Leffingwell & Associates

        PERFUMES & FRAGRANCES DATABASE, PERFUME ENCYCLOPEDIA, TECHNICAL REPORTS, ETC. - Osmoz, Editor in chief: Armand de Villoutreys, Published by: Firmenich, Paris Multimedia Perfumes and Fragrances Database, Perfume Encyclopedia, Lessons, Technical Reports, etc. (Text, Images & Simulations).
        Available in English & French.
        Perfumes and Fragrances Database
          "...contains over 5,000 products..."
        Examples of "Perfume & Fragrances Encyclopedia" Subject Categories include
          History of Fragances
            "...Antiquity to Present Day..."
          Examples of "Raw Materials of Perfumes and Perfumery" include
            Herbaceos; etc..."
          Examples of "Manufacturing Techniques" include
            Synthetic Molecules; etc..."
        For more information see Osmoz


        Taste Anatomy & Function Lectures, Lessons, etc.

        CHEMICAL SENSES: GUSTATION - A. Uzwiak, Rutgers University Multimedia Taste Lessons - Gustation Lessons (Text & Images).
          "...In mammals, taste buds are groups of 30-100 individual elongated "neuroepithelial" cells (50-60 microns in height, 30-70 microns in width), which are often embedded in special structure in the surrounding epithelium, termed papillae. At the apex of the taste bud, microvillar processes protrude through a small opening, the taste pore, into the oral milieu..."
        Examples of "Taste Lessons - Gustation Lessons" include
          "...Anatomy & Physiology of Gustation;
          Salt Taste;
          Sour Taste;
          Sweet Taste;
          Bitter Taste;
          Umami Taste (certain amino acids (e.g. glutamate, aspartate and related compounds);
          Taste Buds and Taste Papillae;
          Regional Localisation of Taste on the Tongue (Taste maps); etc..."
        For more information see Anthony Uzwiak's Home Page

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