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Home Page ~ Veterinary Center

(Including Species Specific: Taxonomy, Breeds, Anatomy,
Care & Handling, Clinical, Diseases, Nutrition, Reproduction, etc.)

Mammals - Mammalogy

Avian, Birds, Cranes, Ducks & Geese,
Parrots, Waterfowl, Raptors (Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Ospreys, Owls)

Amphibians ~ Bats ~ Cats ~ Crocodilians ~ Dogs ~ Elephants

Lions ~ Primates ~ Rabbits ~ Reptiles ~ Rodents

Avian - Ornithology: Birds, Crane, Ducks,
Geese, Parrots, Waterfowl, Raptors, etc.

Avian Courses, Lectures, Textbooks, etc.
(Ornithology, Avian Cognition, Diseases of Birds; etc.)

Bird Image Databases World Wide,
Bird Songs, Bird Lessons, Bird Videos, etc.

Migration of Birds Textbooks

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center: Ducks, Geese, Waterfowl

Avian Husbandry, Conservation, Biology, etc. by Species
(A few examples)

Ducks, Geese, Swans, Screamers

Cathartidae: Vultures and Condors

Ciconiiformes & Phoenicopteriformes
Egrets, Flamingos, Herons, Spoonbills, Storks, etc.

Bee Eaters, Hornbills, Kingfishers, Motmots, etc.

Cranes, Bustards, Serimas, Sunbitterns, Trumpeters

Falconiformes - Accipitriformes:
Raptors - Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Ospreys, Owls, etc.

Musophagiformes: Turacos, Go-away-birds, Plantain-eaters

Babblers, Hummingbirds, Crows, Jays, Magpies, etc.

Barbets, Piculets, Toucans, Woodpeckers, etc.

Cockatoos, Parrots, etc.

Cats - Feline

Cat Breeds ~ Cat Age Calculators ~ Cat Anatomy ~ Cat/Kitten Development

Cat Clinical Medicine - Feline Clinical Medicine

Feline Clinical Practice Guidelines

Feline Laboratory Tests

Feline Nutrition ~ Feline Body Condition Scoring ~ Feline Diseases & Parasites

Feline Emergency and Critical Care


      Crocodilian Species, Biology, Taxonomy, Breeding, Nutrition, etc.

        CROCODILIANS: CROCODILES, CAIMANS, ALLIGATORS, GHARIALS - Author: A. Britton Multimedia Crocodilians Databases, Lessons, Publications, Technical Reports (Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound).
        Crocodilians: Crocodiles, Caimans, Alligators, Gharials
          " an ongoing project with the aim of providing educational and research information on these incredible archosaurs..."
        For more information see Adam Britton's Home Page

          Examples of "Crocodilians: Crocodiles, Caimans, Alligators, Gharials" Subject Catgories include

            Crocodilian Species List

            Crocodilian Communciation
            Crocodilian Communciation Audio Files include
              "...Threat Calls;
              Distress Calls;
              Hatching Calls;
              Male Courtship Bellow; etc..."

            Crocodilian Biology
            Crocodilian Biology Lessons include
              "...Sense Organs;
              Locomotion; etc..."

            Crocodilian Captive Care
            Crocodilian Captive Care
              "...Although this document refers primarily to caimans (specifically the spectacled caiman), information found here is applicable to all 23 crocodilian species. Despite their geographical range, their morphological and behavioural differences, all crocodilians have very similar basic husbandry requirements..."
            Crocodilian Captive Care Lessons include
              Health Care; etc..."

Dog - Canine

Dog Breeds Databases ~ Dog Age Calculators

Dog Anatomy, Canine Nervous System & Canine Brain Atlas

Canine Pregnancy Calendar & Whelping Calculator

Canine Clinical Medicine

Canine Laboratory Tests

Canine Nutrition ~ Canine Body Condition Scoring

Canine Diseases & Parasites ~ Canine Emergency and Critical Care

Nonhuman Primates

Nonhuman Primate Species, Skeletons, Taxonomy, Factsheets, etc.

Nonhuman Primate Brain Atlases

Nonhuman Primate Clinical Medicine & Husbandry

Nonhuman Primate Formulary

Infant Primate Research Laboratory:
Testing Equipment, Protocols and Experienced Laboratory Personnel

Nonhuman Primate Nutrition

Nonhuman Primate Diseases

Acquisition, Care, Breeding & Use of Nonhuman Primates

Nonhuman Primate Clinical Medicine

& Nonhuman Primate Husbandry by Species

Chimpanzee Clinical Medicine & Chimpanzee Husbandry

Cotton-Top Tamarins Clinical Medicine & Cotton-Top Tamarins Husbandry

Java Gibbon Clinical Medicine & Java Gibbon Husbandry

Loris Clinical Medicine & Loris Husbandry

Orangutan Clinical Medicine & Orangutan Husbandry

Veterinary Center

Health Science Guide ~ Medical Center

Home Page

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