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Home Page ~ Veterinary Center


Veterinary Journals (AJVR, AVA, CVG, JAAHA, etc.)

Anesthesiology & Surgery ~ Animal Behaviour ~ Avian Diseases, Medicine & Surgery

Cardiology ~ Dairy Science ~ Dentistry ~ Dermatology

Endocrinology ~ Epidemiology & Animal Infection

Equine Diseases, Medicine & Physiology ~ Exotic Pet Medicine

Feed, Forage, Grassland & Range ~ Feline Medicine & Surgery

Fish, Aquatic Medicine, Disease, etc. ~ Genetics & Breeding

Herpetology - Herpetological Medicine & Surgery

Immunology & Infectious Diseases ~ Internal Medicine

Large and Small Animal Science ~ Livestock Science ~ Microbiology ~ Ophthalmology

Parasitology ~ Pathology ~ Pig - Swine Diseases & Medicine

Pharmacology and Therapeutics ~ Poultry Science ~ Primate Diseases & Medicine

Radiology & Ultrasound ~ Reproduction - Theriogenology ~ Research

Small Animal Practice ~ Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Veterinary, Livestock & Non-Livestock Dictionaries & Glossaries

Veterinary Journals

Veterinary Schools (over 20 Courses Online) ~ Veterinary Bioscience & Genetics

Veterinary Clinical Medicine
(Anatomy, Cardiology, Dental, Small & Large Animal Medicine, Surgery, etc.)

Veterinary Pharmacology & Drugs ~ Animal Diseases, Viruses & Parasites

Care & Use of Laboratory Animals & Animal Husbandry

Vaccination Schedules & Injection Techniques

Clincal Medicine by Species: Non-Livestock
(Taxonomy, Breeds, Anatomy, Care & Handling, Clinical, Nutrition, Reproduction, etc.)

Clincal Medicine, Livestock Production,
Livestock Management, etc. by Species: Livestock
(Taxonomy, Breeds, Anatomy, Care & Handling, Nutrition,
Reproduction, Breeding, Pasture, Range, etc.)

Clincal Medicine Related
(Bees, Beekeeping, Bees Diseases, Commercial Beekeeping,
Commercial Aquaculture, Aquaculture Diseases, Pond Construction, etc.

Veterinary Science by Subject
(Histology, Ranch Management, Parasitology, Entomology, Pathology)

Agriculture Center
(Ag/Farm Costs/Plans, Soil, Water, Crops,
Livestock, Fertilizer, Manure, Pesticides & Herbicides)

Veterinary Center

Health Science Guide ~ Medical Center

Home Page

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