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Currently the Calculators On-Line Center contains
over "23,525" Calculators & Spreadsheets,

over "4,305" Courses, Lectures, Manuals, Handbooks,
& "1,000's" of Movies, Videos, Simulations & Animations


Color, Chromaticity, Chromatic Dispersion

Holograms ~ Interferometers ~ Mirrors, Lenses, Prisms

Optical Sciences & Engineering including
Photonics, Lasers, IR Optics, Visible Optics, Fourier Optics, Diffraction Grating,
Geometrial Optics, Optical Fiber Networks, Optical Networking, Optical Waveguides, etc.

Photoelectric Effect

Microscopy ~ Spectroscopy

Engineering Center

Calculators On-Line Center

Optical Sciences & Engineering

Optics, Lasers & Photonics Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.

Introduction to Optics Courses, Lectures, Lessons, etc.
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound, Animations, Simulations, Applets, etc.)

Intermediate & Advanced Optics,
Optical Physics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Electronics Courses
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies, Audio/Sound, etc.)

Quantum Optics Graduate Courses, Lectures, etc.
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies, Audio/Sound, etc.)

Photonics, Photonic Crystals, Photonic Bands Courses, Lectures, Lessons, Databases, etc.
(Undergraduate & Graduate)

Lasers Courses, Lectures, Lessons, etc.
(Undergraduate & Graduate)

Optics Calculators & Applets using Webmathematica & Livegraphics 3D

Black Body Emission, Extended Blackbody, Thermal Infrared Blackbody Thermography

IR Optics, Visible Optics, X-ray Optical Design, X-ray Spectra Optics

Diffraction Grating ~ Grating Reflectance

Interference Filters ~ Light Scattering ~ Light Reflected from a Magnetic Surface

Optical Circuits Beam Propagation ~ Optical Fiber & Networks ~ Optical Modes in Guides

Optical Modes in an Elliptical Fiber ~ Optical Properties in Thin Films ~ Optical Waveguides

Signal Processing, Physical Optics, Signal Processing with Wavelets

Transformation Optics

X-ray Optics

Engineering Center

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